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Are You Too Clever to Fail? Here’s What We Just Discovered About the Microsoft AZ-400 Exam and Its Expert-Level Certification

Are You Too Clever to Fail? Here’s What We Just Discovered About the Microsoft AZ-400 Exam and Its Expert-Level Certification

According to the Gartner data report, the cloud computing market is expected to hit an estimated $411 billion in total worth soon. So, as you may already guess, this sphere has taken its place among the leading areas of information technology today.


More and more businesses are now migrating their services to the cloud, so if your job is related to this field, including data storage, data backup, and security, it’s a wise decision to upgrade your competence. Here is a comprehensive guide to the Microsoft AZ-400 test that’s designated for DevOps professionals who want to verify their expert-level mastery and earn a valuable certification.


Microsoft Azure AZ-400 Exam: The Best Option for DevOps Professionals?

AZ-400 assessment, officially named Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions targets professionals who want to earn the Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert credential. However, such desire alone is not enough since the candidates must have acquired the Azure Administrator Associate or the Azure Developer Associate certification to meet the prerequisites.


Individuals preparing to sit for this test should also demonstrate their technical aptitude for designing a DevOps strategy, implementing DevOps development processes, feedback, delivery, and application infrastructure. Also, you should show your familiarity with Agile practices as well as the ability to combine various technologies and processes as well as create productive communication to constantly provide valuable services.


What’s the Course Outline?

As it comes from a wide range of skills the assessment verifies, its outline is quite broad. Generally, it covers the following domains:

  • Development of an instrumentation strategy
  • Creating a compliance and security plan
  • Release management strategy and continuous delivery
  • Implementation of continuous integration
  • Source control management
  • Development of a Site Reliability Engineering strategy
  • Facilitating collaboration and communication
  • https://www.examsnap.com/md-100-dumps.html

When going through these topics, review each of them thoroughly even if you think you know particular ones proficiently. Speaking of the exam preparation, it’s not beneficial to be overconfident while at the same time, repetitions will bring huge value.

Getting Ready to Validate Your Skills? Here’s the Test Format

AZ-400 exam lasts for 180 minutes. During this time, you’ll have to answer 40-60 questions and you must score at least 700 points and above to get the pass status. The question formats are never revealed in advance but you can expect multiple response and multiple-choice types. However, you can familiarize yourself with all the alternatives since they are explained on the official website.


Also, don’t forget that the exam will cost you $165 for every attempt. If you fail the test in the first try, you must wait at least 24 hours before you may take it again. In general, candidates have up to 5 attempts in a year.


Considering the latest survey reports, it is easy to see why Microsoft Azure is giving other cloud platforms a run for their money. Honestly, it is very difficult to see this trend coming to an end anytime soon. So, if your goal is building a rewarding and lucrative career and you are aiming to set yourself apart from the rest, you should consider earning the Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert badge. Ensure you meet the prerequisites, ace AZ-400 assessment, and you’ll get the opportunities you were dreaming about!

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